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Aims and Scope

Mass Spectrometry Letters publishes brief letters (maximum length of 4 pages), technical notes, articles, reviews, and tutorials on fundamental research and applications in all areas of mass spectrometry. The manuscripts can be either invited by the editors or submitted directly by authors to the journal editors. Mass Spectrometry Letters topical sections are diverse, covering ion chemistry in a broad sense; gas-phase thermodynamics or kinetics; theory and calculations related with mass spectrometry or ions in vacuum; ion-optics; analytical aspects of mass spectrometry; instrumentations; methodology developments; ionization methods; proteomics and its related research; metabolomics and its related research; bioinformatics; software developments; database development; biological research using mass spectrometry; pharmaceutical research by mass spectrometry; food sciences using mass spectrometry; forensic results using mass spectrometry; environmental mass spectrometry; inorganic mass spectrometry; chromatography-mass spectrometry; tandem mass spectrometry; small molecule research using mass spectrometry; TOF-SIMS, etc. The scope of Mass Spectrometry Letters is not limited to the above-mentioned areas, but includes ever-expanding areas related directly or indirectly to mass spectrometry. Criteria for publication are originality, urgency, and reportable values. Short preliminary or proof-of-concept results, which will be further detailed by the following submission to other journals, are recommended for submission.


ISSN: 2093-8950
plSSN: 2233-4203
Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher: Korean Society for Mass Spectrometry
Type: Peer-reviewed open-access journal, without publication fees
ISO Abbreviation: Mass Spectrom. Lett.
Official site: www.msletters.org
DOI Prefix: 10.5478
Published since December 2010

Mass Spectrometry Letters is indexed in the following sites.
Scopus (www.scopus.com)
Chemical Abstracts (www.cas.org)
KCI (Korea Citation Index, www.kci.go.kr)
KSCI (Korea Science Citation Index, www.ksci.kisti.re.kr)
NDSL (National Discovery for Science Leaders, www.ndsl.kr)
Academic Society Village (www.society.kisti.re.kr)

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