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Algal genomics perspective: the pangenome concept beyond traditional molecular phylogeny and taxonomy

Journal of Species Research / Journal of Species Research, (E)2713-8615
2021, v.10 no.2, pp.142-153
JunMo Lee
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Algal genomics approaches provide a massive number of genome/transcriptome sequences and reveal the evolutionary history vis-à-vis primary and serial endosymbiosis events that contributed to the biodiversity of photosynthetic eukaryotes in the eukaryote tree of life. In particular, phylogenomic methods using several hundred or thousands of genes have provided new insights into algal taxonomy and systematics. Using this method, many novel insights into algal species diversity and systematics occurred, leading to taxonomic revisions. In addition, horizontal gene transfers (HGTs) of functional genes have been identified in algal genomes that played essential roles in environmental adaptation and genomic diversification. Finally, algal genomics data can be used to address the pangenome, including core genes shared among all isolates and partially shared strain-specific genes. However, some aspects of the pangenome concept (genome variability of intraspecies level) conflict with population genomics concepts, and the issue is closely related to defining species boundaries using genome variability. This review suggests a desirable future direction to merge algal pangenomics and population genomics beyond traditional molecular phylogeny and taxonomy.

algal genomics, biodiversity, genome variability, molecular phylogeny, molecular taxonomy, pangenome



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