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Miyoung Ha(Applied Surface Technology Inc.) ; Youngha In(Applied Surface Technology Inc.) ; Hyesun Maeng(Applied Surface Technology Inc.) ; Ok Pyo Zee(Sungkyunkwan University) ; Jongsik Lee(Applied Surface Technology Inc.) ; Yangsun Kim(Applied Surface Technology Inc.) (pp.61-64)
Sun Ju Kim(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) ; Hyun-Jin Jung(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) ; Bong Chul Chung(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) ; Man Ho Choi(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) (pp.69-72)
Yeonmi Seong(Sogang University) ; Sang Yun Han(Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) ; Sung-Chan Jo(Samsung Electronics) ; Han Bin Oh(Sogang University) (pp.73-75)
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Mass Spectrometry Letters