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Young Jin Lee(Iowa State University, Ames Laboratory) ; Erica A. Smith(Iowa State University, Ames Laboratory) ; Ji Hyun Jun(Iowa State University, Ames Laboratory) (pp.29-38)
Trang Huyen Tran(Gachon University) ; Injae Hwang(Seoul National University) ; Jong-Moon Park(Gachon University) ; Jae Bum Kim(Seoul National University,) ; Hookeun Lee(Gachon University) (pp.39-42)
Yunju Cho(Kyungpook National University) ; Annana Islam(Kyungpook National University) ; Arif Ahmed(Kyungpook National University) ; Sunghwan Kim(Kyungpook National University) (pp.43-46)
Miyeong Seo(Chungnam National University) ; Jin Hee Kim(Chungnam National University) ; Sehwan Park(Chungnam National University) ; Ji-Hye Lee(Chungnam National University) ; Taehee Kim(Chungnam National University) ; Jihyeon Lee(Chungnam National University) ; Jeongkwon Kim(Chungnam National University) (pp.47-49)
So-Hee Kim(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) ; Ho Jun Kim(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ; Junghyun Son(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) ; Byoung Wook Jeon(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) ; Eun Sook Jeong(Inje University) ; Eun Ju Cha(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) ; Jaeick Lee(Korea Institute of Science and Technolog) (pp.50-53)
Seong Y. Oh(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ; Seon A. Lee(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ; Jong-Ho Park(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ; Myungho Lee(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ; Kyuseok Song(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) (pp.54-57)
Jung Ki Suh(Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) ; Hyung Sik Min(Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) ; Mohammad Kamruzzaman(Kyungpook National University) ; Sang Hak Lee(Kyungpook National University) (pp.58-61)
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Mass Spectrometry Letters