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Nusrat Jahan(Konkuk University) ; Taeseong Park(Korea Basic Science Institute) ; Young Hwan Kim(Korea Basic Science Institute) ; Dongsun Lee(Konkuk University) ; Hackyoung Kim(Konkuk University) ; Kwangmo Noh(Konkuk University) ; Young Jun Kim(Konkuk University) (pp.41-46)
So-Hee Kim(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ; Hye Hyun Yoo(Hanyang University) ; Eun-Ju Cha(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ; Eun Sook Jeong(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ; Ho Jun Kim(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ; Dong Hyun Kim(Inje University) ; Jaeick Lee(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) (pp.47-50)
Jong-Ho Park(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ; Sujin Park(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ; Kyuseok Song(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) (pp.51-54)
Tae Yeon Kong(The Catholic University of Korea) ; Hye Young Ji(The Catholic University of Korea) ; Sang-Zin Choi(Donga ST Co.) ; Miwon Son(Donga ST Co.) ; Hye Suk Lee(The Catholic University of Korea) (pp.55-58)
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