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Ta-Ju Lo(National Chiao Tung University) ; Chia-Hsien Chang(National Chiao Tung University) ; Yu-Chie Chen(National Chiao Tung University) (pp.87-92)
Kun Cho(Korea Basic Science Institute) ; Jin Young Kim(Korea Basic Science Institute) ; Eunmin Kim(Korea Basic Science Institute) ; Gun Wook Park(Korea Basic Science Institute) ; Tae Wook Kang(Korea Basic Science Institute) ; Jung Hae Yoon(Research Institute at Nationwide Childre) ; Seung U. Kim(University of British Columbia) ; Kyunghee Byun(Gachon University) ; Bonghee Lee(Gachon University) ; Jong Shin Yoo(Korea Basic Science Institute, Republic of Korea) (pp.93-100)
Young-Hee Lim(LG Chem.Ltd.) ; Yeu Young Youn(LG Chem.Ltd.) ; Kyung Hoon Kim(LG Chem.Ltd.) ; Hye-Sung Cho(LG Chem.Ltd.) (pp.101-103)
Min Song(Kyungpook National University) ; Miri Hong(Kyungpook National University) ; Hyun Gyu Choi(Yeungnam University) ; Yurngdong Jahng(Yeungnam University) ; Seung Ho Lee(Yeungnam University) ; Sangkyu Lee(Kyungpook National University) (pp.104-107)
Jong Ho Park(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ; Andrey V. Ivanov(University of California) ; Mario J. Molina(University of California) (pp.108-111)
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