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  • P-ISSN 2233-4203
  • E-ISSN 2093-8950

Serum Proteomic Analysis of Scrub Typhus Patients for Screening Antigenic Proteins Originating from Orientia tsutsugamushi

Mass Spectrometry Letters / Mass Spectrometry Letters, (P)2233-4203; (E)2093-8950
2021, v.12 no.3, pp.76-80
Lee Sang-Yeop (Korea Basic Science Institute)
Yun Sung Ho (Korea Basic Science Institute)
Bang Geul (Korea Basic Science Institute)
Lee Chang-Seop (Chonbuk National University Medical School)
Kim Seung Il (Korea Basic Science Institute)
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Scrub typhus is an acute febrile disease caused by the pathogenic bacterium Orientia tsutsugamushi, belonging to the Rickettsiaceae family. The shotgun proteomic analysis was performed using the sera of scrub typhus patients to identify the pro-teins having their origin in O. tsutsugamushi. Three different databases approaches were used for the identification of the pro-teomes. We identified the RsmD, an RNA methyltransferase as the commonly detected protein from all three approaches. This protein was not detected in the sera of healthy negative controls. We believe that this protein is a potential biomarker of Orientia tsutsugamushi present in the sera of scrub typhus patients.

Scrub typhus, Orientia tsutsugamushi, proteomic analysis, serum

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