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  • P-ISSN 2233-4203
  • E-ISSN 2093-8950

Establishment and Evaluation of GC/MS Methods for Urinalysis of Multiple Phenethylamines

Mass Spectrometry Letters / Mass Spectrometry Letters, (P)2233-4203; (E)2093-8950
2024, v.15 no.2, pp.79-94
Shih Po-Han (Taiwan Food and Drug Administration)
Lin Tsung-Hsien
Zeng Shih-Ting
Fan Shu-Yu
Zang Chi-Zong
Ko Ya-Chun
Hsu Ya-Hui
Huang Shou-Chieh
Lin Mei-Chih
Tseng Su-Hsiang
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Over the past few decades, new psychoactive substances (NPS) have become prevailing. With the widespread emer- gence of NPS, phenethylamines (PEAs) have become one of the groups abused most which PEAs, along with other stimulants, make up the majority of stimulants. When determining the NPS, the methods for screening and confirmation are crucial which assesses the reliability of testimony. In this study, a set of GC/MS methods employing two derivatizing agents for determining 76 target PEAs in urine was established and further applied for authentic sample analysis. Five PEAs (N,N-DMA, PMMA, 4-CA, amphetamine, and methamphetamine) with contents over their LLOQs were detected in thirteen of the twenty tested samples. In order to compare the result from the GC/MS methods with the previously established LC-MS/MS method, Cohen's kappa coef- ficient and McNemar's test were applied for statistical analysis. Perfect agreement between GC/MS and LC-MS/MS techniques for determining target PEAs is demonstrated by the Kappa coefficient for each of the five detected targets.

GC/MS, new psychoactive substance, phenethylamines, statistical analysis, urine

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