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The Korean Journal of Woman Psychology

Qualitative Research on Cognition, Form and Function of Adult Women's Sexual Fantasy


Sexual fantasy is a comprehensive concept that includes all forms of sexual thoughts and images, which change our sensory, emotional or physiological states. The purpose of this study is to analyze thoughts and experiences with the adult women's sexual fantasy. For this purpose we conducted 4 focus group interviews with 12 women living in the central region of Korea. This study used a semi-structured interview questions to explore the experiences and thoughts about their sexual fantasy. The interviews were recorded with the consent of the participants and analyzed through the constant comparative analysis process. In order to increase the reliability and validity of the all the research and decision-making processes and results were recorded. We obtained 7 main themes and 17 sub-themes out of 3 categories of sexual fantasy (cognition, its form, outcome). Cognition of sexual fantasy was categorized as imagination what applying social cognitions and self-experiences, exclusive imagines which are based on the sexual curiosity. forms of sexual fantasy were categorized as fantasy about foggy targets and situations, fantasy about specific target and intercourse. outcome of sexual fantasy was categorized as emerging follows two conditions, which are the gratification of sexual deficiency, the inner conflicts. This study established an empirical basis for the recognition, form, and outcome of the adult women's sexual fantasy. And this study overcame the bias of sexual fantasy research flow which was far biased on those of men. Also, we suggested the implications and limitations of this study and the direction of future research.

sexual fantasy, cognition of sexual fantasy, form of sexual fantasy, function of sexual fantasy, qualitative research, 성적 공상, 성적 공상 인식, 성적 공상 형태, 성적 공상 기능, 질적 연구



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The Korean Journal of Woman Psychology